About Limited Edition Prints

Each limited edition lithograph print has been numbered and signed by the artist and includes a 'certificate of authenticity'. There are two kinds of limited edition - the regular edition and the artist's proof. A story label is included with your print so you may stick it to the back of your print after it is framed.

What is the difference between Regular Edition Limited Edition and an Artist's proof?
The image is the same in both editions, but the numbering differs. Around 10% of the edition is set aside as the 'artist's proofs' and the prints are consecutively numbered, for example, artist's proof #1/50 (meaning one out of fifty prints) while the regular edition would be numbered #1/500 (meaning one out of five hundred prints). The artist's proofs came about when prints were hand pulled the best ones in the beginning at the beginning of a print run, were kept by the artist and numbered separately. Today there is no difference in the quality of prints produced on the printing press but serious print collectors still seek out the lower numbered artist proofs (now produced more for the sake of tradition) and as such they command a higher monetary value.

What is a Giclée?

With some of Mia's editions, the artist's proofs are further differentiated from the regular edition prints by being produced as Giclée prints on canvas which substantially increase their value and Ohhh they do look good! They also don't need glass in front to protect them when framed. For more information on Giclee prints click here.

Why is my print signed twice and numbered?

The litho prints are printed with a great deal of attention and care to reproduce the rich colours and depth of the original painting. After inspection, and meeting Mia's personal satisfaction, she signs each print. The print itself also bears a printed signature of Mia's. While all editions are signed only the limited editions are numbered. This is your assurance that they are only available in a limited quantity, ensuring both their collectibility and value.

Will my 'Mia Lane' limited edition print become available again as a print?
No limited edition will be printed again as a frameable art print, although they may appear on plates or other collectibles.

If by some chance you should see them elsewhere, we would really like to hear about it! Copyright infringement is against the law. It is illegal but it does occur occasionally.

What paper does Mia use for her prints?
Various papers have been used for Mia's litho prints, but generally she prefers a coated stock either acid free or acid buffed. The giclees use an acid free archival heavy weight, matte paper.

What are Digital Fine Art Prints?

Recent advances in technology have made it possible for artists to reproduce their art in their own studio, with a quality that matches or surpasses what was once only available through lithography. Now artists and photographers world wide are experimenting with digital prints that equipment manufacturers claim can last up to two hundred years without colour changes (under proper conditions). The entire process, from creating the art to publishing it is now in the hands of the artist. This new technology has allowed Mia to reproduce small quantities of those rare breeds you have been asking for, while retaining the high quality of reproduction you have come to expect from a Mia Lane Print.

What is a 'Remarque'?
When you purchase a Limited Edition Print, you also have the opportunity to have Mia Lane create a remarque for you! This is a miniature drawing or painting (measuring 1 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches approximately) done on the border of the print. When the print is framed, the surrounding mat is cut out to expose the 'miniature' (remarque). You may wish to supply photographs of your companion animal or have Mia create one for you of her own choosing. Whatever you decide, ultimately you have a lovely print made more personal and valueablewith a small original painting… and what a 'one of a kind' conversation piece!

What will a remarque cost?
An original remarque costs $125. (Cdn), in addition to the price of your limited edition print.

How long does a remarque take to complete?
Usually, Mia can complete your remarque in two weeks depending on her schedule.

How do I order a remarque?
Please send clear photographs with your order plus full payment (including shipping) for your limited edition print and remarque to Mia Lane.

sample remarque

remarqued print

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